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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Updated: Monday, June 30 2014, 07:54 PM CDT
May is national Older Americans Month.
We're blessed to have many seniors who are still giving back and making a difference in the community well into their golden years.
Most of them will tell you that staying active is the key to their happiness and longevity.
They're people like Lois Ross.
Voice of Lois Ross;  "My husband had passed away and so I started working at the hospital to try to help somebody."

Her daughter makes sure Lois Ross gets to her volunteer station at Sacred Heart Hospital every Wednesday.  She's been on the job for 25 years.

Lois Ross, Sacred Heart Hospital Volunteer;  "I work at the information desk and I tell people, they ask questions about where such and such a room is, or where this place or that place; or what doctor they way.  And I try to assist them."

It is a volunteer job but miss lois works it as if she were being paid.  It's a service she is well suited to give.  The oldest of three children, her parents depended on her as well.

Lois;  "I'm always glad if I was able to help somebody.  That's my calling I think for my life.  I've been like this bout all my life; helping somebody."

The kind of help she gives at the hospital, comes from within.
Henry Stovall, Sacred Heart Hospital ;  "She is a gift.
She is an inspiration to us.  Look at her smile.  Look at her energy.  And the fact she never misses a day with us.  And she is so special."

Troy Cowan, Sacred Heart Hospital Volunteer;  "It's been quite amazing to see how she stays so active.  Her mind is just so good."

Inspiration, amazing; there's a good reason that people are so taken with Lois Ross' commitment.

Sue's voice;  "I understand that you are 100 years young."
Lois;  "Was the 28th of April."
Yes, she is 100 years young.  Her steps may be slowed and her sight a little dimmer ...

Lois;  "But I'm so glad that I've got my mind.  That's one thing.  You know, I can write letters, I can spell, and I can read.  And that's all helpful when you get old.  You can occupy your time."

As you can imagine, Miss Lois has some great memories stored in that mind of hers. Like when she used to pick her niece up from school.

Troy;  "Boys would pull up next to her car and see her niece in the car.  From what I was told, she would turn to her niece and kind of say, 'Watch this' and peel out from the stop lights."
I don't know.  It's a little difficult to picture Miss Lois burning rubber but *this seems to be a perfect setting.
Troy Cowan, Sacred Heart Hospital Volunteer;  "It's that spirit that she has.  The spirit of giving to others.  Just the showing love to everyone she meets."

Lois;  "And I hope that I said something that would encourage them.  I sure do."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by the Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart.

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