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Angels In Our Midst (Mary-Grace Reeves)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Voice of Mary-Grace; "And that's when you see, as Ellie said, he's an actor."

Mary-Grace; "I believe that if you can read well, you have the power to do anything."

Mary-Grace Reeves set out to empower the girls in her community. She started the American Girl Book Club at the Southwest Branch Library.

She's going to try to earn money to light the candle.

The girls meet once a month to discuss the book they were assigned to read. But, Mary-Grace wanted to bring the stories to life.

She reached out and found people willing to bring period foods and artifacts.

Phil Duryea, Sharing History; "She has the love of a lot of different pieces of history, and fortunately, my wife and I've got the pieces of history."

Phil; "I didn't know what the American Girls were at the time but we certainly do now."

Of course, the girls have their favorite dolls.

Samantha Brown; 10-year-old American Girl; "Her real name is Kaya Atamay. It means in the Nez Perce language. She who arranges rocks."

Sometimes they find similarities to themselves in the dolls.

Riley Clipson, 7-year-old American Girl; "I'm more of an outdoor girl. I like fishing and I like hiking and I like sports and I like to go bike riding."

Mary-Grace; "Girls have learned so many life lessons from this book club, and I feel that they are going to use them in the future when they become the leaders of tomorrow."

What they've learned from the books and what Mary-Grace has taught them. Etiquette, they write "thank you's" to their guests. Research skills. They're assigned reports. Public speaking.

Mary-Grace; "And it's in front of a group in which they feel comfortable; girls that share their same values and same goals."

She may just want to write her own book someday. Mary-Grace is herself an example of a true American girl for what she has voluntarily given to these young ladies.

Mary-Grace; "Rebecca's family, they feel that they will be able to get their relatives over to, from Russia to America."

Mary-Grace; "The girls are taking away from this an education of history and the life lessons."

Samantha; "I think that how she gets paid is in happiness because she sees every girl smile." Angels In Our Midst (Mary-Grace Reeves)

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