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Angels In Our Midst (Mike Harris)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
ANGELS - Mike Harris - Some are professionals, some do it as a hobby.

20 incredible photographers volunteered for a project called "The Art of Adoption."

By capturing one special moment in time, they could change a child's life forever.

No one understood that more than one of these Angels in our Midst.

Voice of Mike Harris, Volunteer Photographer; I've got to make sure that his picture can talk because it has to reach out and grab someone, a family, so that they can make that connection.

Mike Harris knows the pictures that he and the other volunteer photographers take, have to speak a thousand words and more. A child's future could depend on it. There are more than a thousand of those faces, waiting.

Do you like basketball? That was my favorite too.

It was a picture, right here on Channel Three News, that brought Mike into the world of Foster Care and Adoptions.

Mike Harris, Photographs Foster Children; About four years ago, seeing the Nobody's Child on TV and watched it a couple of time and made the phone call.

Mike became a Foster parent and one day one little boy captured his heart.

Mike; I adopted him, 8, he's 11 now and the one I'm soon to adopt, he's 15.

15, the same age as Ty here. The age when many children in Foster Care, some for years, lose hope of ever being adopted. They've waited for so long, carrying the burden and scars of abuse and neglect.

Mike; The biggest thing they need is a family, somebody to love 'em and somebody to listen to them.

Mike; My 15 year old says stuff like that all the time.

Mike; When the come in they're just overwhelmed that somebody, like me, will sit there and listen to what they have to say. And they'll open up and tell you what's going on and you can work with them and you can help them on their road to recovery.

Mike does listen because he cares. He's even able to get his subjects to do something they've done too little of...

Ty; "Get me to smile. Sometimes I didn't smile but I always try to put a little grin on my face."

Mike; "I got a smile out of you then. Do that one again."

Mike; "I've got to let his picture speak to someone."

That could make the difference for that child.

Their work could make the difference for so many children. One image, one smile, one face that could touch just one heart.

Mike; "Boy, I'd love to see every one of them adopted into their permanent, forever family. That would be my wish."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

If you saw a face that capture your heart, you can call 1-866-313-9874.

You can see all of the pictures in The Art of Adoption exhibit this Friday during Gallery Nights, from 5 til 9pm. At Soire', located at Garden and Palafox Streets downtown.Angels In Our Midst (Mike Harris)

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