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Angels in our Midst (Minister Sylvia Tisdale)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT

 Epps Christian Center is a small unassuming church that sits on Pace Boulevard in Pensacola.
That's where Minister Sylvia Tisdale goes to pray in the pre-dawn hours every morning.
She ends her prayer time and goes straight to doing the work of the Angels in our Midst.
Daylight is just breaking and Sylvia Tisdale is already scurrying about her small kitchen at the Epps Christian Center.  She has been preparing breakfast here for seven years.  Ever since she noticed the day laborers lined up across the street,  hopeful for any work.

Sylvia Tisdale, Feeds the poor and homeless;  I went over there and I said, Hey, y'all.  How would you like to have some breakfast?  And they looked at me, like, you know, how much?  And I said, No, it's free.

That first day, 25 hungry souls followed her across that street.  They were fed and so was she.
Sylvia; You know, it just did something for me that first morning.

What it did was give her ministry another calling.  Every day she opened these doors to anyone who needed a meal.

Rick Hester,   Sylvia's Help Is a Blessing;  I thank God for her.  She was just in the right place at the right time.  

Lorene Lige, Grateful for food;  I think it's a beautiful thing.  She helps us a whole lot, all of us; anybody that comes in.

Everyone has a story; something that led them to the streets, circumstances that brought hard times.  Sylvia feels every pain.

Sylvia;  I've been feeding a lady that's homeless with six kids.  She bring them here every morning, bright and early at six o'clock in the morning to feed.  So, it just touches me.

She can't remove every burden but she lifts as much of the load as she can.  At least one hot meal and some groceries to tide them over.

Sylvia;  Sometimes when I get weary, I look up to the Lord and I say, Wait a minute here, Lord.  You know, I'm retired.  My kids are grown.  I've got grandchildren in Arkansas.  

But, each and every day, regardless of whether it's raining, it's cold, you know I'm here.
Sylvia says the lord props her up in those weary times.  Besides, the seeds she is planting now were sown in her life years ago.
Sylvia;  My mom, you know, she had 12 kids and she feed the neighborhood.  And she was a faith woman.  And I think I'm living that legacy.

Rick;  We appreciate her; long story short.  Sometimes we don't have the words to say.  It just ... we're thankful.

And at the end of the day, it all comes down to that.
Sylvia;  I've helped somebody.  You know, the song says, If you can help somebody as you travel along the way, then your living is not in vain.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.
Angels in our Midst (Minister Sylvia Tisdale)

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