Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in our Midst (Mrs. Dempsey's Class)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
PENSACOLA - She represents all of those incredible teachers who have the gift to reach the children who need that something extra to get ahead.
Tonight, we'll take to you Rhodes Elementary, to Mrs. Dempsey's class, where we find the Angels in our Midst.

Kelly Dempsey, Special Education Teacher;  "Brandon was nonverbal when he came."

That Was Five Months Ago.

Children like Brandon, with autism, and other developmental disabilities, find their voice and their way in Kelly Dempsey's class.

Kelly:  "You have to always be thinking on the fly.  You constantly have to have a bag of tricks and you have to keep pulling out of them and adapting them."    

Mrs. Dempsey Leads her team of therapists and assistants in keeping their bag of tricks full.  Every one of their children has unique needs.

Kelly;  "There's always a special child that you just aren't sure what's going to be the key.  And that's what keeps you going because you want to help every child."

The distance she goes is much more than an extra mile.

Tom Kennell, Rhodes Elementary Principal;  "She's nights and weekends and I know she's working at home too.  And you can tell by the things she brings, just the new ideas and the thoughts."

Grateful parents plotted this surprise.  They had to find a way to say, thank you.

Carol Hoodless, Brandon's Mom;  "Now he says, I love you, mommy.  He gives me great eye contact.  He's starting to tell me what he wants."

Ruth Searcy, Preston's Grandmother;  "Three months ago when they moved here from Japan, he wouldn't talk.  He wouldn't have anything to do with anybody.  Then he came to Ms. Dempsey."

Carol;  "What she brings to these kids is the love that she has for them and the understanding, you know.  And the patience; you've got to have the patience for this."

After six years, Kelly Dempsey now sees former students walking the halls, no longer in special education classes.  That's her goal and her reward.

Ruth;  "Now he can tell you what he wants and what he doesn't want.. He's just, he's precious and so is she."

Kelly;  "That makes me work harder and that makes me more fulfilled; knowing that I can contribute to that child's life."

Carol;  "She really, truly is my angel. ... and my son's."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels in our Midst (Mrs. Dempsey's Class)

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