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Angels in our Midst (Pati Bryan)

Updated: Monday, September 2 2013, 08:07 PM CDT
As we celebrate the American worker today, we want to remember those people who put in hours or even full days on the job, for free.

People like Pati Bryan, who do the work of the angels in our midst.

"Teriyaki chicken, we're having fried rice, sugared pea pods, a nice roll, jello and pineapple upside down cake."

That's the lunch menu Pati Bryan has cooked up for the clients of the Council on Aging's Adult Day Health Care Center.  They're ending their month long study and celebration of Hawaii.

Sandi Holtry, Adult Day Care Director;  "What dedication; two days a week, eight hours a day, plus extras.  Loyal, so calm, so polite, so friendly."

Pati has brought all of that and so much more to the center for 12 years.  While caring for her own elderly parents, she learned a lot of ways to improve their quality of life.  When her husband retired from the military, she found the perfect place to put that experience to good use.

Pati Bryan, Adult Day Health Care Volunteer;  "We are all so polite.  We all appreciate the little nuances of words and jokes and dances.  And you know, we just enjoy being together.  We know that life is a celebration and we do it each and every day."

Every day she's searching for that "next" thing to make a difference; finding new games or the next craft project, searching out entertainers, buying prizes, and, of course, there are the daily chores.

Pati;  "What can I add, what can I do.  Everything you do at home, you do here.  We do dishes, we cook, we do the laundry, we clean; we just keep this a nice place."
Sandi;  "Next month will be western.  She'll cook bar-b-q chicken; she's already has it planned, bar-b-q chicken, the cowboy beans, the cornbread."

Whatever the theme, Pati's goal is always the same; making life a celebration.

Pati;  "We can extend that senior experience, if you will, to our Alzheimer's friends, to our stroke victims, to our elderly, our frail elderly.  We can make this a wild and crazy place and you forget that you have limitations."

Her commitment earned Pati recognition as the National Adult Day Care Volunteer of the Year.

Pati;  "I feel great pride; for the small amount of time that I give.  And it's wonderful."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

Angels in our Midst (Pati Bryan)

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