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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in our Midst (Paula Tweedie)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
Pensacola - Paula Tweedie's husband is a military veteran who is a quadriplegic.
They make trips to the VA facility in Tampa that specializes in the care he needs.
The images of the people she sees there have changed over the years, and those imaged follow her home with a mission.

Paula Tweedie, created Gift for Veterans; "Over the last couple of years, it's just these young veterans with their amputees and their blast injuries; catastrophic injuries."

But it was the sight of a young mother in therapy that especially tore at Paula Tweedie's heart.

Paula; "She was learning how to fix her hair with a prosthetic arm and she was sitting in a wheelchair because one of her legs was amputated. And her little daughter was on the floor."

Refusing to be powerless over her emotions, this teacher at Hellen Caro Elementary pulled together her own army for a project, with tiles.

Ethan Werner, 10 years old; "We painted them and then we polished them and when all the tiles were done, we put them on the flag."

One group of classes created this mosaic of the American Flag. Each child depicted their own image.

Ethan; "I had a gator shirt on."

Lacey Do, 8 years old; "i was wearing a gap shirt and some kind of shorts and i had long hair."

Chloe Werner; 8 years old; We made a Statute of Liberty.

This was the creation of the younger students. Along with art, the children have learned about the military, service, and giving.

Paula; "To give something of themselves; a little piece of themselves. And in this case, it was a tile that they handmade."

They're donated these works of art to the Pensacola VA clinic. The VA has prominently installed them in the main lobby where all of the veterans coming for care, can see them.

Lacey Do, 10 years old; "When they came here and they tried to recover, they wouldn't feel as bad.

Ethan; "I hope they know we worked really hard all for them."

Chloe Werner, 8 years old; "I hope that they will think that we did a very good job on it."

While they can never be paid for their sacrifice, Paula Tweedie wants these walls to say, thank you.

Paula; "This is my gift to the veterans for what they have done for us."

Angels in Our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels in our Midst (Paula Tweedie)

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