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Angels in our Midst (Pensacola Hornets)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
They know what it's like to be at that pivotal point in life and finding someone there with a lifeline.
Now, boys, much like themselves, find these Angels standing at the crossroad to keep them from taking a wrong turn.

Keegan;  "Just sitting at home like I did last summer."
Jakevis;  "Boring; just sitting at home watching TV and playing the video games."

Kevin Bell and Shwayne Likely know what it's like to be rescued from boredom and potential trouble.
Voice of Coach Bell;  "When I was coming up, I came from a single parent home.  I was into the sports world and it was always somebody there for me."
Shwayne Likely, Pensacola Hornets Coach;  "I come from a family, we didn't have that much money so they bought me cleats and stuff to play in and they bought me lunch to eat .
It touches my heart, so I decided I wanted to give back."
Six years ago, the coaches started the Pensacola Hornets basketball team.  The boys ages 11-14 play throughout the year and have a summer travel team.
MaryAnn Bickerstaff, Pensacola Hornets Mom;   "It's not all sports, it's life skills that they're learning."
Kevin Bell, Pensacola Hornets Coach;  "It also teaches sportsmanship and how to deal with different cultures.  We all come from different backgrounds."
Keegan Bickerstaff, Pensacola Hornets;  "There's a lot of cool kids out here and they're really funny.  And it's nice to hang out with them and stuff.  It's fun to come to practice and play with them in the games."
Here, they learn that this game, like the game of life,  is not all about winning.

Coach Likely;  "Nah, that's secondary; that's just icing on the cake if that happens.  That's not our biggest worry.  Our biggest worry is about getting these kids involved in the community and to keep them out of trouble."
They develop leadership skills, by example.
Coach Bell speaking calmly to players.
Jakevis Wright, Pensacola Hornets Captain;  "I bring the guys up when they're down and I don't get mad at them when they make mistakes, I help them not make those mistakes again."
They stress doing good things and the right things.  Coach Bell works with jail inmates at the County Road Camp, where he never wants to see young men.
Coach Williams;  "I tell them that all the time.  I say, please don't let me look up one day and you're in that orange uniform.  Please don't let me do that.  Please."
The coaches dig deep into their pockets for cookouts, fun outings and road games; keeping them busy and on the straight and narrow. 
Jakevis;  "I want to tell them, thank you, 'cause they've taught me a lot."

Coach Kevin Bell 850-791-1845
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels in our Midst (Pensacola Hornets)

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