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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in our Midst (Pensacola Humane Society)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
Every year, hundreds of unwanted and often abused animals find their way to Pensacola's no-kill shelter.
At the Humane Society, they find the waiting arms of angels in our midst.

Voice of Paul Gatterdam, Humane Society Volunteer;   Unfortunately, where I live right now, I can't have a pet.  So, this is kinda my time to play with a pet.

Voice of Martie Kian, Humane Society Volunteer;  I recently had my last little dog die; passed away peacefully in his sleep and was lonesome, to be honest with you.  And I came over here.

Different ages and backgrounds, it is a shared love of animals that brings the volunteers like Martie Kian and Paul Gatterdam to the Humane Society of Pensacola. They help with office duties, feeding the animals and cleaning the kennels and grounds.

Martie;  You see these plants out here?  Two Saturdays ago, we planted those.  Last week, we were in the pet cemetery.
If you're good at answering the phone.  If you're good at, honestly, cleaning, helping to feed.
Being a non-profit organization, the staff appreciates all the help and donations they can get.  They will tell you though, the biggest gift is the interaction with the animals; getting them ready for a new home.

Monie Russo, Humane Society Staff;  Our dogs come from, we don't  know where.  They're left here overnight so they need lots of attention.  Some of them are really scared when we get them and the volunteers are the biggest help.

Paul;  They're just happy to have a kind, loving place to stay, sleep, you know, be fed and taken care of, given all of the attention.

Every volunteer is more than happy to oblige.  It *is hard seeing the hundreds of unwanted and often abused animals that come here but it's what happens on the other side that makes it all worthwhile. 

Martie;  It breaks my heart happily to see when they're going to a good home. 
Paul; You're just happy that they're going to a loving, caring home.

Monie;  We could never afford what they do.  They are just, priceless.
The animals get love and care while they wait for a new home and the volunteers ... Well, Paul and Martie say they get more than they give.

Paul;  It's almost therapeutic, I guess.  You know, animals love you to death.
Martie;  I came to help but I took away a lot more.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.
Angels in our Midst (Pensacola Humane Society)

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