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Angels In Our Midst (Ron Fields)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Maritza; "I think back to Tony Dungy's book, Quiet Strength, and I see that as being Ron."

Phil; "He's a person that not only talks the talk but he walks the walk in our community."

Deidra; "I started thinking about what all he does in the community and how we never really hear about it."

Deidra Sanderson knows you may not have heard much about her dad either. Ron Fields is the president and CEO of Pen Air Federal Credit Union. He's not much on words just busy living his philosophy.

Ron; "Put God first, family second, then try to give back to the community."

That community of World War II veterans is high on Ron's list. He made a commitment that Pen Air would sponsor the next Emerald Coast Honor Flight. It was a 25-thousand dollar commitment that even a tight economy wouldn't let him back away from.

Ron Fields, Pen Air President/CEO; "Our commitment was that we would see it through and get as many vets to see their memorial as they could. Their time is running so short and we want to be a part of that mission."

Maritza; "That takes a leader to do these types of things."

His 310 employees are quick to follow his leadership example. You see, he supports them in their giving back to the community too.

Maritza Woodfaulk; Pen Air Employee; "He said that if we came up with so much money, he would match it. So, last year we came up with 13-thousand and he matched it. So, we were able to give the Leukemia Lymphoma Society 27-thousand dollars."

Be assured, Ron Fields does more than just write the checks. On last April's honor flight, he personally volunteered to help escort the veterans to Washington D.C.

Phil Waltrip, "Emerald Coast Honor Flight Guardian Chair; He was the guardian to Thomas Gressler, Emory Brown and James Brown and they think the world of him."

You'll find him shoulder to shoulder, matching step for step wherever help is needed; even making strides for breast cancer.

Maritza; "He's physically out there. Even though we had a pink shirt last year, we're going to make him do that this year too. Like I said, it's not just talking the talk, but I'm going to walk the walk, in more ways than one."Angels In Our Midst (Ron Fields)

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