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Angels in our Midst (The Science Lady)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
She holds degrees in chemistry and library science and she was a scientific researcher before having her children.
Five years ago, she saw a void at her child's school so she decided to lend a hand and fill it. This mom took her skills and love of science and went to do the work of an Angels in our Midst.
When your pole is pointing at the sun, it's going to be warmers.  And then, these guys up here are having what?
Winter. Winter.

When the science labs were discontinued in her daughter's class, Lynn Backes took her knowledge and went back to school herself  to teach.
Lynn Backes,  The "Science Lady";  I started with Mrs. Lockett's class and I did science.  Then Mrs. Waddell found out it and then Mrs. Milsap found out about it.  And pretty soon, I was doing a science lesson every week with almost all the 2nd grade teachers.

Tell me something about Mercury. Mercury only takes 88 earth days to orbit the sun.

Lynn quickly became known as "The Science Lady" at S.S. Dixon Primary and Intermediate Schools.  She volunteers almost 5 days a week between the two schools.

Big pretty what?
Rings.  What are the rings made out of?
Mostly rocks, ice and dust.

She brings science up close and personal.  The children can't wait for  their days with Mrs. Backes.

Carly Russ, loves her science lessons;  She makes it really fun and my class and everybody just loves it.

Lynn,  Everything you do; you close a door; physics.  Or you kick a ball or you push something.  Or you pour orange juice and you mix it up, it's science.

It's the "fun" that engages the children .  The learning is an added benefit.
Tyler Daw, Likes "cool" science stuff;  She's always bringing really cool stuff for science.
The gears, the magnets and the worm project.
Sue;  Tell me about the worms.
Carly;  They were very, very funny.  Like, when you hit them with the Q-tips, some of the times they'd do flips in the air.  And with the magnifying glass, you can see their little tongues, they're so small.  It was just so fun.

Lynn uses her own resources to buy some of the "fun" stuff and then there are the countless hours she spends on developing her curriculum.  The results make it all worth while.

Cindy Ellis, 2nd Grade Teacher;  They're wanting to take seeds that they have left over from their fruit to plant them on the playground just to see if they're going to grow.  So, she has really excited the children about all types of things in science.

Lynn;  Why there's a shadow.  Why the rock sinks and the leaf floats.  And that's the kind of stuff I want them to, the wonder of nature, the wonder of science.

Angels in Our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

Angels in our Midst (The Science Lady)

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