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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels In Our Midst (Sharon Holler)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Marty Robbins, Sacred Heart Respiratory Therapy Dept.; "They needed assistance, whether it was for a bus ride home, or a taxi or some food or a night in a hotel, she saw that need."

Dr. Patterson, Pediatric Intensivist; "Didn't have gas money, who didn't have money to go and get a cup of coffee, who didn't have money to have a change of clothes."

Respiratory Therapist Sharon Holler knew that parents with critically ill or dying children had enough to worry about. These were added burdens.

Sharon Holler, Respiratory Therapist; "We were taking money out of our pocket and assisting some of these families and we couldn't help all of them."

They could feel good about what they were able to do until one day, Sharon realized that wasn't good enough.

Sharon; "This mother was from Defuniak Springs and she needed to get here 16 year old home back to Defuniak to take care of the other children. And there was no money available to even pay a bus ticket for him."

Dr. Rob Patterson, Pediatric Intensivist; "She can see in people's eyes when they are hurting and can see how that human touch, a hand on a hand, or a word of encouragement, can lift people out of what can seem like a desperate situation."

Sharon; "This mother drove this son home and then came back to stay with her critical child at his bedside, I decided right then and there that something had to be done."

Sharon turned to the family business, the Doghouse Deli. She came up with the idea for a 4Th Of July hotdog eating contest. She found a sponsor to put up the prize money. With the public donations, and all of the day's restaurant sales, she started a fund where the money could be available at a moment's notice to help parents like the DeFuniak Springs mom. This is not in the respiratory therapist job description but it describes Sharon's life.

Dr. Rex Northup, Pediatric Intensivist; "She is one, as I say, that just doesn't put borders around things. Whether it's time, whether it's job description, whether it's activities; if she identifies a child, or a family or a staff member or whomever has some need, she is there asking, how can I help meet this need. And that is what defines her."

For six years, Sharon has worked the hotdog contest. This year, without a sponsor, she'll just collect donations at the new Doghouse Deli Beach location, thankful for whatever she can get. Sharon knows what this unexpected kindness means to hurting families.

Sharon, "You know, there are tears in their eyes and it just makes me feel good to know that I can do just a little to help them."Angels In Our Midst (Sharon Holler)

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