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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in our Midst (Talyor Bush)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  Tonight, we'd like to introduce you to a young woman who had suffered incredible losses in her life.
While it it something that might sideline many of us, it has only made her step up to the plate.

I'm Taylor Bush and I am 17 years old. 
Taylor;  My dad passed away when I was in first grade and my mom passed away freshman year.

Taylor Bush, Chain Reaction President;  So, I kinda always felt like being a leader was important, especially for my little brother.

And what a leader Taylor Bush has become.  The Catholic High School senior has been tapped to lead Chain Reaction, countywide teen volunteer organization.  It's a daunting task but she's already

Caleb Goodson, Chain Reaction Past President;  We always make jokes about it but she can always get people to do what she wants them to in a super nice way.

Ashlyn Adams, Chain Reaction Volunteer; "She is so passionate about volunteering and she is so caring of others.

You want to get down the pink one, Caleb; above your head. 
Caleb;  She'll boss you around but you'll think you're being talked nice to; she really makes you want to do what she's asking you to.

That gentle voice, her sweet smile just two things that have these volunteers ready to follow her lead.  They will take on projects to make their community better. 

Some will find their niche serving at area non-profit agencies.  They're Taylor's age and younger. Those who know her family's story, can only admire her strength.

Ashlyn: I really do think this is part of her healing process, but she is also very strong in her faith and I think that's definitely helped her get through things.

Taylor;  Everyone has their own struggles that they go through.  But I think it's important that you always strive to go above and beyond and do more than what's expected.
If I can brighten someone's day, it makes me happy.  And, I don't know, just having a good heart matters.
A servant's heart is what Taylor shares in all of her volunteer efforts.  She has poured her efforts into the children at Pensacola State Kids' College, she led her church's confirmation retreat and on and on. 

Taylor;   I really want to be a pediatrician. 
I'm hoping to start volunteering at Sacred Heart Hospital and getting involved with child life there.
No doubt, wherever Taylor goes next, she will be leading the way.
Caleb;  She immulates positive energy.  She just feeds it out to the world and we all can see it.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

Angels in our Midst (Talyor Bush)

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