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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in our Midst (Zelica Grotto Freemasons)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
Their headquarters is a small, unassuming building that sits at the foot of "K" Street in Pensacola on prime waterfront property.
Inside, the men of Freemasonry live their motto of "Family, friendly and fun", while keeping a longstanding commitment to others.

To Thiergart, Grand Monarch-elect Grotto North America;  Masons throughout North America contribute in excess of two million dollars a day.  Of course, a lot of people know about the Shriners.  

They wear the red fez, Grotto, we wear a black fez.  We're still involved in helping kids.

 And the men of Zelica Grotto have made that commitment to children and adults with disabilities since 1915.  They provide financial support to United Cerebral Palsy and ARC Gateway.

Fred Smalley;  Member of Zelica Grotto since 1946;  I became a member in 1946 and at that time we were very active in the Children's Home.  In fact, so active with them that some of the members adopted children from the Children's Home.

Children with special needs. Zelica's biggest fundraiser is their weekly bingo session on Saturdays.  

This money supports, among other things, their wheelchair and medical equipment loan closet.

Fred; Just come and check them out and return them  when you get through with them.  No charge at all.
They also pay for extensive dental treatment for disabled children who require specialized care.

Larry Hair, "Dr. Smile" leads Zelica Dentistry Program;  Special dentists can take them in, reconstruct their jaws, reconstruct their teeth and everything to where they can talk and move their jaws and everything and eat.

Robert Clough says his adopted son Christopher and the Grottoes are God-sent.  Christopher was born with Periventrical Leucamalysia; a bleeding on the brain.  He requires adaptive equipment to improve his quality of life.  They're waiting on his new wheelchair thanks to Zelica.

Robert Clough, Christopher's Dad;  Without that assistance, I think it would put most families in financial hardship.  The wheelchair that he has is very, very expensive; I mean $15,000.

Grottos are about business but they're about fun too.  They host dance parties for UCP and ARC clients and they do cookouts for each group twice a year.

Donna Fassett, ARC Gateway Exec. Dir.;  They're committed.  They're committed to people who don't always have the same skills and abilities that they have, who have disabilities and they want to make their lives better.

Fred;   It just really touches your heart.
Touching back is what the men in the black fezzes do well.

Robert;  Without it, we would have been in bad, bad shape.
Otto;  The Grottoes found a need and they decided to fill it.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.
Medical supply equipment is available to anyone in the community  call (850)453-6336

Angels in our Midst (Zelica Grotto Freemasons)

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