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San Diego Padres baseball team perform month-long prank on teammate

Jeff Francoeur, a right fielder for the San Diego Padres baseball organization, may be feeling a little red in the face after his teammates played a month-long prank on him " and filmed the whole thing on video.

Francouers teammates on the Triple-A El Paso Chihuahuas managed to pull off a complex prank on the 30-year-old by convincing him that Jorge Reyes, a pitcher on the team, was deaf.

They even managed to film Francoeur talking about the hurdles of his supposedly disabled teammate.

Its been a lot of fun to play with Jorge, hes definitely had to overcome a lot as a deaf baseball player is very tough in this game and to see the way he has done it and handled himself has been awesome, Francoeur said.

In the next scene Reyes addresses the camera by saying, Im definitely not deaf.

After a month of tricking Francoeur, his teammates arraigned a screening of the film, revealing that Reyes can hear and that all his teammates were in on the joke. Francoeur initially stunned by what he was seeing ends up putting his hat over his face before he starts laughing with everyone else.


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