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Pay It Forward

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'Pay it Forward" Cynthia

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 02:06 PM CDT
It's time now to Pay It Forward where we share stories that highlight the giving spirit of our gulf coast community.

This story begins with Channel Three's Lena Deflores a sign, 500 dollars and our partner Hill-Kelly Dodge, Chrysler,Jeep.

"Brand new year, same old rules. You can't keep the money for yourself, you can't give it to a relative, an organization or anyone who lives with you. The money has to go to someone who needs a little help. Let's see who we find."

People are seem more excited than ever about Pay It Forward.
"Oh, you're the girl from the news!"

And everyone seems to know someone who could use a helping hand.

"A gentleman that I work with."
"A friend of a friend."
"I've watched you on the news and said you know, I wish I could catch her in a parking lot somewhere."

And the right person always comes along.
Brenda told us about her daughter's friend, Cynthia.

"Her and her two boys, they had to go into this trailer because they were homeless."

Cindy Lee is a single mom to 12-year-old Gage and 9-year-old Tegan.
The family has had a difficult time making ends meet.

While Brenda Finnicum was sharing Cynthia's story with me in the parking lot,
Her daughter Krystel was on the phone praying with Cindy, asking for a helping hand.

"This will be a prayer for her."
Miles Bentley at Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram agreed and met us with 500 dollars.

"Brenda, on behalf of Hill-Kelly, I'd like to give you this money so you can Pay It Forward to your friend."

"I''m hoping this little gift will be a blessing for your family."
And it couldn't have come at a better time.

"We've been living in a motel."
"We've been sleeping on the couch and the loveseat and we're having a rough time right now with food."

And while the money will help, Cindy says what Pay It Forward has done for her spirit is worth even more.

"I know God answers prayers. He does, I know that. And I'm glad he answered mine.

Thank you to our partner Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep.
Keep an eye out for Lena and her sign as we continue to Pay It Forward.

'Pay it Forward" Cynthia

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