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Pay It Forward

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Pay it Forward:(Jacqueie Parson)

Updated: Thursday, February 6 2014, 06:52 PM CST

Four generations of women living under the same roof working to take of each other got a little help from a long time friend.

Winter, spring or fall.
You've been there.
"Have you seen this sign before?"
Thinking of friends, strangers, co-workers and neighbors.
"Could I interest you in 500 dollars?"
Someone you're not related to, someone you don't live with and someone who, well, isn't "you".

"I always help them whenever I can."
Someone like Jacqueie Parson's longtime friend, Jody Rhodes.
"My neighbor lady across the street, Jody Rhodes. She lives with her mother, her daughter and her grand-daughter."

Jacqueie and Jody have lived 25 feet away from one another for 20 years.
Over the last two decades, the two have walked back and forth, across the street to visit, to laugh, to help.

The help part has been a little more frequent lately.
Jody now stays at home to care for her mother.
"She's not working. She's not well."

She also helps take care of her granddaughter  while her daughter is at work.

Neighbors helping neighbors is what Pay It Forward is about, so while Jacqeuie's daughter called to make sure Jody was home; we called Miles Bentley with Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, who met us with five of the new 100-dollar bills.

Then we knocked on Jody's door.
"Hi." "Hi!"   
"She's doing that Pay It Forward thing."
"It's 500 dollars and the first person I thought of was you."
"Have you seen this before?"
 "Yes, I have."

Because she had seen Pay It Forward, she knew what happened next, but was still surprised.

"On behalf of Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, I want to give you this money, Jacqeuie so that you can Pay It Forward to your friend, Jody."

 "That's my Jacqeuie."
"There are people out there that care."
"We need it really bad. It's been hard and this is wonderful. Thank you."
"This is great. Things are looking up."

Thank you to our partner Hill-Kelly Dodge for making Pay It Forward possible.
Pay it Forward:(Jacqueie Parson)

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