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DAYSIDE: Autism Pensacola

Updated: Monday, June 2 2014, 11:50 AM CDT
Individuals with Autism will spend 75% of their lives as adults, adults that often need some level of support to lead productive and fulfilling lives.
Government-mandated programs end when young adults age out of school. After that, it is up to families and communities to create/provide what is needed.
What do you dream of when you think about your child with autism as an adult? What would you like to have in place for him/her when the time comes?
Autism Pensacola wants to know!
Join us for this "Autism in Adulthood" meeting where we will dream together! Bring all your ideas, big and small, and be prepared to share, listen, and plan for the future.    
This is your chance to be part of creating something great for those living with Autism in the Greater Pensacola area!
For more information, please visit Autism Pensacola or CALL 434-7171.DAYSIDE: Autism Pensacola

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