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FHP to enforce and educate "Move Over Law"

Updated: Monday, June 23 2014, 09:19 AM CDT
The Florida Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies are using this month to step up enforcement of the "Move Over" law.

June has been declared "Move over, Slow down, Save a life" month.
The campaign will be used to better educate the public about the law.

"The "Move Over" law in the state of Florida has been around for years. Basically when you see an emergency vehicle like this on the side of the road get over into the other lane or slow down 20 miles per hour under the posted speed limit."
Move over sounds simple right?
But many motorist fail to do so when they see emergency vehicles and tow trucks on the side of the road.
Making it dangerous for emergency workers to do their jobs.
Joel Marcus  "You've got to change lanes if it's safe. That's the law and it's a smart thing to do for other vehicles as well."
Robert Stutts has been driving semi-trucks for over 40-years..
He says he's seen his fair share of accidents on the side of the road.

Robert Stutts  "People just do anything. They do what they want to do, they pay no attention."
Bruce Nidy was pulled over by a state trooper.
And  got a taste of just how dangerous it is to be on the side of the interstate with traffic whizzing by at 70 miles per hour.

Bruce Nidy  "It would make me feel safer if they would get over because they are flying by and right here on the edge of the road like this is pretty dangerous."
The goal in June is not only to crack down on the law but to help educate those who might not know what to do when they see flashing lights on the side of the road.

"If you don't move over you could face a $166 fine and four points added to your license."

FHP to enforce and educate "Move Over Law"

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