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Paying homage to heroes of Normandy battle

Updated: Monday, June 23 2014, 09:19 AM CDT
ABC  --  On the bluffs above the beaches of Normandy   Silent salutes, tears, remembrance

Paying homage to the heroes of D-Day - the allied troops  who turned the tide against the Nazis 70 years ago today - in one of the most important battles not only of World War II - but of all time

President Obama, among allies and leaders from all parts of the globe, paid tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for liberty

Obama: "Normandy, this was America's beachhead. And our victory in that war decided not just a century but shaped the security and well being of all posterity,  in the annals of history, the world had never seen anything
like it.

 June 6, 1944. More than 150,000 troops took part in fierce fighting, making the invasion of Normandy the largest amphibious assault in the history of mankind

Many of the D-Day veterans are in their 90s now. It may be the last time
Many of them hear the world salute their bravery

Les Cruise
"Amazing tales, you know. I'm glad I got out of that plane before they shot it out of the sky"

The commemoration offered a chance for Mr. Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin to cross paths, as tension over the crisis in Ukraine continues. They had a short conversation during lunch. But reportedly, no

Mostly, the leaders celebrated international friendship
More Americans died on the shores of Normandy in 24 hours than in the 10 years of war in Afghanistan.

Paying homage to heroes of Normandy battle

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