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Veterans Memorial Park vandalized

Updated: Wednesday, July 16 2014, 05:41 AM CDT
More vandalism at Veterans Memorial Park. Now the park foundation wants to install a security system to catch vandals in the act.
    Last week, paintball splatters were found on several statues at the park and that wasn't the first damage.
    In December, someone knocked over and de-faced the Purple Heart monument at the park.
    And before that, a bench was destroyed.

    It's a place meant to pay tribute to those who fought for our freedom.
    But the Veterans Memorial Park has become the target of vandalism.

"It's just sad. People try to do something nice and then people come around and vandalize it, tear it up," said Danny Parker.

    Last week, a woman visiting Pensacola saw paint on three World War II statues.
    A good samaritan, she notified police and tried to clean it up.
    Police say the statues were shot with paint balls.   

"The people that we remember here and honor are so much better than that. What they have done for our country is give their lives. The disrespect that it shows is just hard to fathom," said Foundation President, Jack Brown.

    Brown wants to install a security system at the park.
    This system would cost anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000.
    The foundation will pay for the system themselves, through grants and donations.
    The foundation is already paying for clean-up, every time someone vandalizes the park.
    Brown is hoping for a sophisticated system.
    The cameras will be in HD and play messages welcoming people to the park.
    He hopes it will deter people from vandalizing.

"Receive it in the spirit it is given. It's a public monument, but it is a memorial. And there's only one way to behave and that's with respect," said Brown.

    The foundation will be discussing proposals for a security system at their meeting next week.
Veterans Memorial Park vandalized

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