Child wishes for a forever family this year

It’s a new year and one child is hoping that this will be his year.

His wish is simple; a family and a home where they won't turn him away.

Right now, Mari is nobody's child.

Mari's a handsome young man who prides himself on being neat in his appearance. He’s quiet and shy in unfamiliar situations, but quite engaging when he's comfortable.

“My favorite color is red. My favorite super hero is Flash. My favorite sport is basketball. I really like shoes,” he said.

He also loves going to the Boys and Girls Club; he's a huge Alabama football fan and he's becoming a pretty good cook.

“I don't really have a favorite food,” he said. “I like them all, except for macaroni salad.”

This sounds like a pretty typical child, but Mari is not; though he'd really like to be. For him, that would mean finally having a family, a forever home.

Mari's been in foster care for over two years and he's had more than his share of hurt, fears and being shuffled from place to place.

“The moving part because you have to move all of your stuff to a different house and you have to repack,” Mari explained.

And start all over again with strangers in your life and the uncertainty of not knowing when you'll have to pack up and move on again. The turmoil in his young life has left him afraid and even angry at times.

Mari wants a family who will help him work through the trials of his past; somebody loving and kind. Other than that, he said it really doesn't matter.

Contact Families First Network if you have a home for Mari or call 1-866-313-9874.

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