Connect to Congress: Rep. Matt Gaetz on Senator McConnell, nuclear war threat, and more

Conservative groups calling for ousting of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

The heads of five Conservative groups believe that McConnell and four other Republican leaders have failed to live up to the promises they made to voters.

Now, they want new leadership in the Senate to deliver more progress on cutting taxes, understanding Obamacare, cutting the deficit and securing the border. Northwest Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz told Channel 3 News he supports the move.

U.S. diplomatic efforts not enough to deter nuclear threat, says Congressman

Congressman Gaetz listed immediately deploying more missile defense batteries throughout Asia and accelerating basing decisions in Japan as possible actions that the U.S. could take to bolster diplomatic efforts.

Gaetz: No "special treatment" for professional sports leagues

Congressman Matt Gaetz told Channel 3 News that President Trump posted a recent Tweet supporting his legislation to end a special tax exemption extended to the NFL and other professional sports leagues.

Government committees expected to hold briefings regarding 'bumpstocks'

Gaetz said, "I'm eager to see what the ATF can come up with so that we don't impair the rights of law-abiding citizens but that we do have the ability to ensure that people can't so easily break existing law and use these bumpstocks to commit horrible atrocities."

Although Congressman Gaetz is hesitant to agree to a flat-out regulation against bumpstocks, he states that he is "not closed-minded" to greater enforcement of firearm registration laws by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Sen. Bill Nelson reportedly in agreement with Rep. Gaetz on Santa Rosa Beach legislation

"Our legislation would simply change the land use of property that's already underneath someone's house or home, and it would not impair public access and it wouldn't change anything regarding the existing development regulations that are in place at the local level," said Gaetz.

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