Teen charged with careless driving in deadly Cantonment crash

A 17-year-old was charged with careless driving after Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) said she rammed into a car, spun out, and caused 3 other vehicles to crash.

A Good Samaritan who jumped out to help the victims was killed in a second crash.

FHP is searching for more information about this crash, if you have any information, please contact Shawn Kelly at (850) 484-5000.

The following report was provided by the Florida Highway Patrol:

Sabra Stewart was driving north in her 2005 Toyota XB on US Highway 29 around 5:50 Tuesday evening.

Easter East was in front of Stewart, also traveling north on Highway 29. She was driving her 1997 Jeep Cherokee. The 71-year-old was accompanied by her passenger 19-year-old Lee East.

Easter East and Sabra Stewert were both in the outside lane.

Haley McCain was traveling north in the inside lane of Highway 29. The 35-year-old was driving a 1996 Mercedes C-Class, her passenger was 38-year-old Jewell Jernigan.

Traveling south on Highway 29 in the inside lane was 26-year-old Joshua Reese. He was driving a 1996 Buick Century.

In the same lane was 64-year-old Joseph Spann in a 2001 Dodge Ram.

All the drivers were approaching Hazzard Lane.

Easter East slowed down to make a right turn off of Highway 29 and onto Hazzard Lane.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Sabra Stewart did not stop in time, and hit the left rear of East’s car.

The 17-year-old rotated inside the northbound lane of the highway. At that time, FHP reports Haley McCain struck the left side of Stewart’s car.

The collision sent McCain’s car into the southbound lanes of Highway 29 and then into a tree.

Stewart’s car continued to spin northwest and hit the left side of Joshua Reese’s Dodge Ram.

A man stopped his car and got out to try and assist some of the injured people. Michael Bailey went to check on Sabra Stewart who was now in the inside lane of the highway.

At that time an unknown vehicle swerved southbound to avoid Sabra Stewart’s car.

To avoid the car, 29-year-old Michael Bailey ran west.

Joseph Spann on Highway 29 saw Bailey and attempted to avoid him using an evasive action but ended up striking Stewart’s car and then according to FHP, the right side of his vehicle hit Bailey.

Stewart’s car ended up facing east in the southbound left turn lane on Highway 29 just north of Hazzard Lane. FHP reported she had minor injuries but was not taken to the hospital.

Easter East’s car rested on the east shoulder of Highway 29 south of Hazzard Lane. Easter East suffered serious injuries and was transported to West Florida Hospital. Her passenger suffered minor injuries but did not go to the hospital for medical attention.

Haley McCain’s vehicle stopped facing east in the wood line west of Highway 29. McCain and her passenger were transported the Baptist Hospital with minor injuries.

Joshua Reese was in the southbound right turn lane and Joseph Spann was facing south in the outside southbound lane. Reese and Spann were not injured.

Michael Bailey, the man who stopped to help, died as a result of the crash.

FHP is continuing to investigate. If you witnessed this crash please contact Shawn Kelly at (850) 484-5000.

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