Distracted parenting: Limiting screen time for you and your kids

Distracted parenting: Limiting screen time for you and your kids

Technology is all around us, but it can be a double-edged sword for parents.

There are moments when Gretchen Bjornson and her youngest son Conner, share screen time, and when that time is separate.

“I think it's real easy to get distracted,” she said.

Psychiatrist Megan Schabbing points to some positives for parents to be tech conscious.

“Kids are in to social media and they're in to their iPhones they're in to all these different forms of technology and as parents we have to keep up with it for that reason to keep an eye on them,” she said.

But she said it can have negative consequences.

“It can really impact negatively a child's emotional development self-esteem."

Dr. Schabbing said it's reasonable for a mom or dad to plug in when they need to, but make sure their child feels they are a priority and not neglected.

“We need to be interacting face to face with our kids we need to be present for them and we need to be setting a good example for them,” she said.

A child's well-being -- and safety could be at risk.

“There's missing your child growing up and not having that interaction with your child but it's also dangerous to not be watching your child,” she said.

Gretchen said there should be a time and place for technology.

“You've got to be present for your kids,” she said.

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