Dog owners want the sting taken out of local park

Photo source: Channel 3's Hudson Miller

A pest problem at the Bayview Dog Park has some dog owners concerned after some unwanted creatures have made the park their new home.

A bee hive has formed at the park. They've caused some minor problems and visitors would like to see them safely removed.

For instance, you'll always find dogs running around the park on a nice day.

However, for the last six months they've had some unwanted visitors start to move in.

Michael Williamson, a frequent Bayview Dog Park visitor said several dogs have been stung.

A hive of bees has built a home at the bottom of a tree.

Williamson said they've let park officials know but so far nothing has been done to get rid of them.

"It seems like nobody is really concerned and here lately they're getting more of them. It seems like they're getting more aggravated. They're constantly buzzing around the hole."

Some dog owners don't want to see the bees hurt or killed.

Williamson said, "We don't want to see them eradicated. You hear all these stories about honey bees are becoming endangered and there's not that many of them."

He's hoping a beekeeper will take care of them.

Dog owners are hoping the park won't be closed because of the bees.

At the moment, no word if the bees will be moved.

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