#DonutStrike4Manna: Local law enforcement officers take a stand against hunger

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The Pensacola Police Department (PPD) and the Escambia County Sheriff's Office (ECSO) protect our community from crime and now they're joining forces for a worthy cause.

For the entire week, both agencies will work together to "arrest" hunger by going on a doughnut strike. It's all to raise awareness and collect food for Manna Food Pantries.

"No fritters, no bear claws, no twisty goos, no long johns, no cinnamon twisties, maple bars or spud nuts will be consumed unti we collect 2.5 tons of food," said Escambia County Chief Deputy Chip Simmons.

That's 5,000 pounds, which can feed 1,250 children for one day. In a news release to Channel 3 News, authorities say they have a "front row view of hunger and the impact to a family without access to food".

Job loss, disability or unexpected expenses are causes for food insecurity and together, the agencies say the community can help fill the holes in the pantries of thoses in need.

"In law enforcement you devote your entire career to helping the community, to include the families of Escambia County. Partnering with the Pensacola Police Department and Manna Food Bank gives us another opportunity to do that," Simmons told Channel 3 News.

Each day, PPD and ECSO will release a video on social media telling the public where they'll be accepting donations in person. People are encouraged to donate between 3 until 6 p.m. in the afternoon.

Additionally, the community can support by dropping off food to the following participating businesses between June 19th through 23rd:

Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union - Escambia County locations

Pen Air Federal Credit Union - Escambia County locations

First City Church, 1301 East Gadsen Street

Krispy Kreme Donuts - 980 North 9th Avenue

Maynard's Donut Co. - 875 East 9 Mile Road

Studer Group - 350 West Cedar Street

Pensacola Yacht Club - 1897 Cypress Street

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