Driver runs stop sign and slams into home before fleeing

Driver runs stop sign and slams into home before fleeing

A Pensacola family is woken up by a booming noise. It turns out a car had slammed into the front of their home.

The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) said someone ran a stop sign at Chantilly Way and Montclair Road, then barreled straight into a house on Montclair. The home is left with a gaping hole in the front of the house.

Cynthia Finklea told Channel 3's Jackalyn Kovac a car slammed into the house and the driver ran away.

"We still have the front end of the car of, the bumper of the car, is still in the house. They couldn't pull it out because it hit and all the bricks came down. So it was hard for them to pull the bumper out," Finklea explained.

Finklea, her two children and her grandson were all inside when it happened Saturday morning. She said the couch her son was sleeping on was pushed out from the wall by the impact. Meanwhile her grandson was sleeping on the floor.

"It's hard to pick it up, it was laid across these two tables. If it had fell, with as heavy as it is, it could have hurt him. It could have probably killed him. Could have rolled or hit him in his head. It could have killed him," Finklea pondered.

The impact crushed cement blocks and left cracks in the walls and foundation. Finklea said when she tried to go outside, Escambia County Sheriff's Office (ECSO) deputies were already there.

"When I woke up it was so white in there, I didn't even know a car had hit my house, I'm thinking that the house had just explode. So if I hadn't opened the door, I wouldn't know what was going on, first thing I see the officer, so they had to be chasing these people. You know, why are y'all already here if y'all didn't already know what was going on. I didn't call y'all to nothing," Finklea said.

ECSO confirmed they were there when it happened, but could not comment further on an active investigation.

In the meantime, Finklea and her family will be staying in a motel until she can move into another home.

"It was my landlord that came and she was like nobody need to go in it. It's too bad for anybody. At any minute it could fall apart. If you go in and look at it, any minute it's gonna collapse. So it's not good for anybody to go in there," Finklea explained.

No one was hurt, but Finklea said everyone is still shaken up.

The FHP said there were two people in the car, but both ran off on foot. Anyone with information is asked to call law enforcement.

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