ECSO: Death investigation underway after kids find human remains

Photo: Channel 3's David Gonzalez

A death investigation is underway on Tuesday after kids playing in a wooded area stumbled across human remains.

The remains were discovered in the 500 block of Coker Lane near West Jackson Street in West Pensacola.

It's too early in the investigation to identify the remains or to rule a cause of death.

Many in the community are thinking of the kids who found the remains.

Yellow crime scene tape quickly went up to secure the area after the discovery that shocked people living on the street.

The remains were found about 100 yards off the street in a wooded area.

Escambia County Sheriff's Office (ECSO) Chief Deputy Chip Simmons said, "We just have times where we'll talk to the kids and we'll try and get the information from them as best we can. We make sure their parents are involved because again they're young and it just doesn't happen very often."

ECSO deputies are handling the death investigation.

It's too early to speculate what happened, but they'll try to determine if there was any foul play.

Neighbors said people who live on Coker keep an eye on each other.

"Kids be out there playing. We see something going on, we go out there and we talk to each other and talk to the family and 'hey, this is happening, this is happening.' We handle it," said Ernest, a man who lived on the street.

They're upset kids were the ones to come across the remains.

They're now left waiting for answers.

"I don't know what happened. For somebody to find a human body down there in the woods, it hurts my heart," Ernest said.

The remains will be sent out for testing to see if they can be identified.

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