Escambia County convict banned from filing motions after 27 failed tries

Photo by: Florida Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Florida has had enough of one Escambia County convict's repeated attempts to petition his case.

According to the Court, Anthony Fails, who has been imprisoned in state custody for more than 10 years, is banned from filing anymore motions after his first 27 failed to hold up in court.

Fails was sentenced in 2005 after being convicted on sexual and aggravated battery charges.

Since 2008, the Supreme Court of Florida said he has filed 27 petitions or notices with the Court, 13 of which have pertained to his case with Escambia County Circuit Court.

In an official press release sent to Channel 3, the Court said: "All of Fails' filings in this Court seeking to challenge these convictions and sentences have been frivolous, devoid of merit or inappropriate for consideration by this Court."

The Court also said Fails repeatedly raises the same arguments that were shot down in previous petitions, and that a lot of his claims could have or should have been raised at trial.

"All other pending motions and requests for relief are hereby denied," the press release from the Supreme Court states. "No motion for rehearing or clarification will be entertained by the Court."

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