Escambia zoning changes coming for Beulah residents

Escambia zoning changes coming for Beulah residents

It's a couple of years away, but plans are being made now to change some school zones in Escambia County.

It's because of the opening of Kingsfield Elementary and Beulah Middle School and the closing of Woodham Middle School.

Closing Woodham will mean shifting school zones for almost every middle school in the county.

That's because right now Woodham's boundaries touch every other zone except Ernest Ward and Bailey Middle School.

The chairman of the committee that drew the new zones said numerous factors go into such a big decision.

"We look at things like how long it takes a bus to run, whether or not a particular school can handle that many students that are being suggested to go attend as a result of the change," said Shawn Dennis with the school district. "We look at cafeteria space, route distances, we look at racial makeup and demographics, we look at age groups."

The plan said start times could be shifted slightly to the new schools because of congestion on Nine Mile Road.

Tuesday night the school board is expected to take the next step, advertising the plan for two months for public input.

A final vote on the proposal would come in October.

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