Find your flood zone in Escambia County

Photo source: MGN

When it comes to hurricanes, wind speeds do not tell the whole story. Hurricanes produce storm surges, tornadoes, high winds and flooding. Several factors are considered when looking at evacuations, including the size of the storm, but one size does not fit all. Hurricane Ivan was considered a large hurricane while Hurricane Dennis was relatively smaller, but both were category 3 storms. The speed of the hurricane also plays a role. Ike was a slow category 2 storm when it made landfall in Texas, but due to its mass and slow speed, it created acategory 4 storm surge. Finally, the wind speed of the hurricane will be considered since this also affects the amount of water being displaced.

Escambia County uses A through E to identify evacuation zones. A is the area of lowest elevation, which includes our coastal area. The letters and zones then progress as you move inland to higher elevations. Each zone will be evacuated depending on the hurricane’s track and projected storm surge. Storm surge, high winds and accessibility should all be considered when you determine if your home is safe to stay in during a hurricane.

CLICK HERE to find your zone.

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