Hundreds gather at Naomi Jones' funeral

Hundreds gather at Naomi Jones' funeral

Hundreds of people gathered Friday to say their final good-byes to Naomi Jones. Her funeral was held at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Brownsville.

The sidewalk outside the church was flooded with people wearing pink and white to honor 12-year-old Naomi.

Some wore shirts with photos of Naomi, holding her close their hears.

"We used to always play together and go to the park and stuff," said Naomi's cousin, Lauri'Ann Crosby. "I just loved to be around her cause she was so sweet and she wasn't mean like other kids, and she was my best cousin."

The Pensacola community was personally touched by Naomi's death, whether they were involved in her search or not.

"It touched those whose kids are 12 or who have kids at least and it really touched out heart," said American Legion Post 193 Secretary Arlene Williams.

People volunteered to help find Naomi during the days she was reported missing. Many more made donations to family in the days since her body was found.

Williams used her BBQ restaurant to raise money for Naomi's family. She hopes the community can continue to come together and bring every missing person home.

Naomi's body was taken from the church to her final resting place at the Holy Cross Cemetery in East Hill.

Robert Howard is facing charges in Naomi Jones' death. His case is expected to go before a grand jury for a first degree murder indictment.

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