Hurricane Harvey isn't impacting local charter boat fishing

WEAR - Charterboat captains on Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey could impact the charter boat fishing industry. However, right now, while Harvey heads towards Texas, business here along the Gulf Coast is normal as usual.

For many commercial fishermen, weather presents an everyday challenge.

"We try to fish 365 days a year but you know weather has a lot to affect that," said Barker.

But for charter captains like Shane Barker, Hurricane Harvey could mean money out of his pocket.

"it's probably going to make the season a little bumpy the next few days for sure," Barker added.

Captain Barker has been fishing in the Gulf of Mexico for the past 18 years.

"From four hour trips all the way down to 24 hour trips, whatever they want to do," he said.

But access to all that fishing can present some challenges, especially for a deep sea fishing trip

"We just deal with it, if it's windy we try to rearrange it and reschedule those guys so we can try to give them a good trip. We don't want to beat nobody to death and we don't want to beat ourselves up either," explained Barker.

Unfortunately, it's a scenario they've become accustomed to.

"I've ridden them out in 1979, 1985, 2004. I didn't have a big boat, I rode it out in my house on the island but that's it, everybody knows what to do," said Captain Brent Shaver.

Because aside from casting off the shore, most other options in this business is to wait it out

"You don't know what they gon' do, you think you do but they can really throw a curveball," Shaver added.

"Storms and stuff, they really affect us and for the most part the fish are already wet, if its raining we'll go, if it storming and lightning saftey is first, safety first," said Captain Barker.

Charter fishermen along the Gulf Coast say August, September and October offer some of the best months for fishing. With the fish ready to bite, some captains are hoping customers will be back booking trips very soon.

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