John Lennon Educational bus visits students at Gulf Shores High

John Lennon Educational bus visits students at Gulf Shores High

It's a classroom and recording studio on wheels.

The John Lennon Educational Bus travels to high schools all over the country teaching young artists to embrace their passion.

On Wednesday the bus was at Gulf Shores High School.

Six students had eight hours to write a song from scratch, record it and create a music video.

Quite the challenge but senior Austin Thompson isn't worried.

"It's pretty awesome, I'm like a kid in a candy store," said Thompson.

The recording studio alone is enough to get any young artist excited.

Not to mention, the instruments.

In Austin's case, the guitar.

"I love making music," said Thompson. "It's been in my family for a long time and I just took to it, came by it honestly."

And he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"I'll always be making music," said Thompson.

Music to Ryan L'Esperance's ear.

Ryan has been working with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus outreach program for five and a half years.

His goal every time they pull up to a school is to inspire the students to embrace their talents and show them it's possible to make a career of them.

"If we're able to create what we create in a day, imagine what these kids can do in a day, in a week in a month," said L'Esperance.

Sophomore Cora Hale is a photographer. She took a break from shooting b-roll to tell us about her day.

"To be honest, it's really overwhelming because I never thought that something like that could be an experience for someone like me," said Hale.

But she's exactly the kind of someone this project is about.

"I want to be a missionary and travel the world so I want to use photography in that too since missionaries don't make a lot of money," said Hale.

Talented and smart.

The John Lennon Educational bus is staying in town for Hangout Fest.

Local students will have the opportunity to meet some of the artists for interviews and documentary work.

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