Living a life of luxury on Pensacola Beach

Photo source: WEAR-TV

For most of us, just living in Pensacola is fun, but if you've got a little extra cash to spend, it can make a world of difference.

When you think luxury on Pensacola Beach, the exclusive Portofino Island Resort comes to mind. You can't even get onto the 28-acre property unless you are a condo owner, guest, or club member.

The two or three bedroom condos range in price from $400,000 to one million dollars, and there are three ways to get in.

"You can live here full time, which a lot of our owners do, you can also have the option of having it as a second home, so you come and go as you please, then most of our owners decide to do a vacation rental," said Kevin Fox, sales director for Premiere Island Management Group.

Each condo has a private balcony and every room has a view of the water. However, if you're feeling cramped in the 23-hundred square-foot living space, you can always stretch your legs at the 5-star Portofino spa, or stretch everything else - with a Swedish massage in a private cabana.

"For those interested in a little more luxurious treatment, we can offer the Portofino signature package," said Portofino massage therapist, Donna Jarvis. "That's our seawater pearl facial, an 80-minute therapeutic massage and our seafoam mud body wrap; it costs about $385."

After all that pampering, you'll likely work up an appetite. Portofino has several on-site restaurants to choose from, each offering top-of-the-line menu items.

"We've got champagne battered lobster tails, it's going to be two fried, warm-water lobster tails. It comes with caviar butter, thyme and lemon," said Zachary Miller, Portofino Island Resort food and beverage manager. "We also have our Wagyu burger, which is Americanized Kobe beef, then we have our veal dishes, we have filet au poivre. Going in to the fish dishes, we have our andouille crusted Grouper."

Once you're done with your feast, you can take a walk by the pool and a cocktail in your hand, soaking up the luxurious life on Pensacola Beach!

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