Local residents brace for Rawson Lane closure

Rawson Lane closure to have major impact on lives of local residents

People who live near Rawson Lane don't just use it to go to work.

Some people, like Pennie Martin -- who has lived on the stretch of road for the past 32 years -- use that road to get everywhere.

"It is going to be an adjustment for me," she said. "I have to go to lots of doctor appointments, I'm going through cancer."

The debate on closing Rawson Lane has been ongoing for more than six years.

"There is change we have to make in our lives and this is one of them and we all just have to adjust," Martin said.

On Monday morning, Pensacola Christian College (PCC) will use temporary gates to close a portion of Rawson Lane, which stretches across the campus of PCC to connect Brent Lane and Airport Boulevard.

"What do you see daily along this area?" Martin asked. "A lot of fast drivers, a lot of motorcycles, a lot of noise, people going down with their windows down and loud music. And it's not the college, it's people using it to get to one place to another and it is a residential road."

In addition, school officials say closing the road will help them create more housing options for students and offer a safer environment.

People who live along Rawson Lane remain hopeful the closure will bring positive change to the neighborhood.

However, they will still have to make adjustments in their daily lives.

"We've got dear neighbors who don't want to see the road closed, but we're really good friends and I try to encourage them. So we're still friends, good ones," Martin said.

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