Milton church and alcohol rules could change

Milton church and alcohol rules could change

Churches in Milton may soon be able to "opt out" of rules banning alcohol in and around their buildings.

Currently, a city ordinance prohibits sales or consumption of alcohol within 500 feet of a church. The only exception is for sacramental purposes.

Monsignor Michael Reed of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church asked the council to consider changing the ordinance. He said he brought it up after telling parishioners "no" on events like a ladies' wine and cheese social.

Monsignor Reed said the church has no intention of large-scale alcohol sales. But they want to allow alcohol for events like wedding receptions, anniversary parties, or outdoor festivals.

Tuesday night, the council will consider any church to ask for an exemption to the 500-foot distance requirement for alcohol consumption or sales. It would apply to that church and any other properties within 500 feet.

The monsignor said alcohol in moderation is compatible with family parish events. He points out that Jesus changed water into wine as his first miracle.

Monsignor Reed continued, "References to wine and living are throughout the Psalms and in the Bible of the Old Testament and even the New, so we just want to be able to do some parish family events where this is possible."

Tuesday night the council has the option of reviewing the proposal and asking for changes or moving forward with a vote. If they vote to approve the changes a final vote would still be needed in October.

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