Roy Moore, Steve Bannon talk Christian values at Fairhope rally

Roy Moore, Steve Bannon talk Christian values at Fairhope rally

Tuesday night Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore was in Fairhope hosting a rally at the Oak Hollow Farm. Former White House Advisor Steve Bannon joined him at the rally.

The event wrapped up close to an hour after it was planned to end. It got off to a late start because Bannon's plane was delayed.

Hundreds of people packed the small venue to listen and hear exactly what Moore plans to do if he gets elected as Alabama senator.

A common theme regarding the whole rally was Christian values. One thing that Moore wanted to get across is he believes God should be more of the forefront of politics and everyday community.

Moore and Bannon said people are getting away from those values.

The two also talked about protecting the Constitution and the Second Amendment.

They argued Moore's opponent Doug Jones is everything against what they believe and that he isn't the right candidate for the Senate position.

"Doug Jones is the personification of Hillary Clinton's policies and in the United States Senate," Bannon said. "He's going to be a voice for the Clintons. Is that what the folks in Alabama want? No!"

"This race has been a very unusual race. It's been unusual from the very beginning. I've never seen a race where so many national figures have come to Alabama," Moore said. "It's the first Senate race since Donald Trump was elected, and it means something special. It means we're going to see if the people of Alabama will support the president and support his agenda in Washington by electing somebody who's not part of the establishment there."

Overall, the rally went smoothly. There were a few protestors that made their way inside and had to be escorted out.

During those incidents, the crowd chanted in support of Moore.

When it comes to any direct comments to the sexual misconduct allegations against Moore, he did not speak much on the issue and is still denying the accusations.

The special election takes place on December 12.

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