New medical equipment debuts at West Florida Healthcare

New medical equipment debuts at West Florida Healthcare

Thursday night West Florida Healthcare is working with new high tech surgical equipment.

They held a ribbon-cutting to mark the occasion.

The hospital now has two new surgical robots, the Da Vinci XI and the Mazor X.

The robotics are considered next-generation technology for minimally invasive surgeries for cancer, urology and gynecology procedures.

The Mazor X robot specializes on the spine.

"It gives us the ability to essentially have miniature hands in the patient's body; gives us incredible versatility and mobility. And ultimately by doing these cancer surgeries and other reconstructive surgeries and robotics, it affords us the ability to get the patient out of the hospital faster with less blood loss and less pain and essentially a shorter hospital stay usually," said Dr. Jeffrey Woltars.

The Da Vinci XI will operate on its first patient in mid-August.

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