Pedicure poison: Avoid infection from dirty tools

Pedicure poison: Avoid infection from dirty tools

Just in time for summer, you might need to be your own advocate to avoid safety concerns at your next pedicure.

There is nothing perhaps these moms say they enjoy more than putting their feet in the hands of a person who can give them a perfect pedicure.

Because both Candace and Sarah are pregnant they chose to have their pedicure at a spa which caters to pregnant women.

“I know it's a safe place for my baby and I to have a safe pedicure,” Candace said.

But the team here also agreed to talk us through what makes a pedicure safe for your feet and how to avoid a complication- that could be severe.

“It could be very severe, we've in the industry heard stories of boils and flesh eating bacteria, and people having sever medical problems that last way longer than that hour long pedicure,” said Ally Osborne.

Ally Osborne said to have your relaxation and enjoy it too; take a few steps before you start:

  • Step one: Ask and observe for cleanliness.
  • Step two: Check the type of tubs used.
  • Step three: Ask about one-time use for tools.

The International Pedicure Association has a whole safety checklist.

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