Pensacola Police Department goes viral with Facebook post

Photo source: Pensacola Police Department

A post by the Pensacola Police Department has gone viral reaching people across the world. It's all about how an officer helped a homeless family and their dog.

The post has been viewed more than 200,000 times. It simply shows an officer with a chihuahua, but the story behind it is what's making it go viral.

Officer Ike Isenberg received a call Friday there was a homeless mother with children and a dog living under the Interstate 110 overpass off Cervantes in downtown Pensacola.

Officer Isenberg said, "When I spoke to the mother, I could tell the situation was different. I noticed the kids were sleeping in the dirt, no food, no shelter whatsoever. "

He took them to the EscaRosa Homeless Coalition and they found a shelter for the family, but there was one problem, animals aren't allowed. That's when Officer Isenberg went beyond the call of duty and took Henry the chihuahua in as his new partner.

He said, "He's a chihuahua. Normally they are yippy and excited, laid back, good personality, and took him to the station and cleaned him up. He was a hit, he worked with me in desk sergeants office for the rest of the day."

The executive director of the Escarosa Coalition on the Homeless said this is a common issue for the homeless because area shelters don't accept pets.

"In many cases, pets are like members of their family, I imagine many of us have pets we will not part with. This is a situation where that didn't happen, we were able to place the pet and place the family in an emergency shelter," said

We tried to catch up with the family, but they had already left the shelter. Now it sounds like someone will have a new chihuahua.

Isenberg said, "He'll definitely be taken care of. A line a mile long of people wanting to adopt this animal."

Henry is currently being fostered by different officers at the police department.

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