Petition filed against local pet boarder after brutal dog attack

Petition filed against local pet boarder after brutal dog attack

A Santa Rosa County woman wants to see a pet boarding facility in Gulf Breeze shut down.

Mylania Wilson said her dog died after it was attacked by another dog at the facility.

The attack happened on Nov. 29 at April Shower's Pet Groom and Board.

Wilson's dogs had been at the facility for five days when the attack took place.

She said the owner of the facility was negligent and wants to see her held responsible.

Wilson continues to mourn the loss of her dog Mimi.

Mimi, an eight-year-old Pekingese, had to be put down after being attacked.

"I can't get over how these can be accidents. I was devastated and I'm still devastated," Wilson said.

This was the first time Wilson had boarded Mimi and her two other dogs at the facility.

Wilson said she gave the owner specific instructions to keep Mimi away from other dogs.

She was worried Mimi would get hurt.

Wilson was on her way to pick up her dogs when she was notified of the attack.

Mimi had been rushed to the animal hospital next door.

"She could look at me," Wilson said while holding back tears. "She was there but she didn't make it."

Santa Rosa County Animal Control was called.

They filed a report which states this is the first complaint they've ever received about the business.

Wilson said the owner of April Shower's did not witness the attack and doesn't know which dog attacked Mimi.

She wants to see the place closed.

Wilson said, "It's not about me getting reimbursed for her. They're not, it's pointless. They're just going to give me the price of the dog anyways. It's not even about that. They can't replace her. She really was one of a kind."

Wilson has created a petition asking for the boarding facility to be shut down.

The petition has garnered almost 70,000 signatures.

"Be careful. Investigate who you're taking your dog to. Get recommendations. Don't trust word of mouth either. Make sure you know someone and honestly just protect your animals," Wilson said.

WEAR reached out to the owner of April Shower's Pet Groom and Board.

She wouldn't comment further than saying she was sorry and that this was an accident.

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