Police bust window to rescue puppy from hot car

Photo source: Pensacola Police Department

Pensacola Police officers took extreme measures to free a puppy from a car Tuesday.

They posted a warning saying "we will do whatever we have to do to free him or her" and posted photos of a very lucky puppy and a smashed window.

Channel 3's First Warning Weather Team predicted today's high of 91 degrees. Chief meteorologist Allen Strum said today's highest heat index was 98 degrees.

Inside the vehicle was likely much hotter for the poor pup.

Escambia County spokesperson Joy Tsubooka told Channel 3 News that particular puppy was returned to the owner after they were issued citations by Pensacola Police Department.

It was still with its mother and we determined that the best thing for it was to be with its mother.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) reports animals can only cool themselves by panting and sweating through their paw pads, making the heat tough for them to bear.

They can even sustain brain damage or die from heatstroke in a matter of minutes.

If you see an animal left alone in a hot car this summer, call authorities.

PPD went on to warn the public that they'd take offenders who leave their animals locked inside vehicles to jail.

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