PPD: Chief's wife arrested for allegedly keying car

Photo: MGN

A Pensacola woman is facing one count of felony criminal mischief for keying another woman's car, according to an arrest report.

The Pensacola Police Department said Brenda Lyter, the wife of Police Chief Tommi Lyter, turned herself into police on July 14 for the incident.

According to the arrest report, Lyter intentionally damaged the paint on a car that was parked at the Fish House on July 6.

Officers were dispatched to the restaurant for a criminal mischief complaint.

The victim told officers she left her car in the parking lot and found scratches to the passenger side, driver side and hood of the car when she came back.

In the arrest report, the officer noted "it appeared that someone used a key or sharp object to cause the scratches."

The victim told officers Lyter has a "history of animosity towards her" and believed Lyter had "keyed" her car.

Officers said the victim also found a note on her windshield from a witness claiming they saw the suspect.

The witness told officers he saw a golf cart in the parking lot. He said he saw a woman walk away from the cart and around past the passenger side of the victim's car.

That's when the witness told officers he heard a "screeching" sound like "metal on metal."

The witness told officers he saw the suspect walk upstairs to the deck area of the Fish House.

The witness snapped photos of the car and golf cart's license plate. That's when he wrote a note about what he saw and placed it on the victim's car.

On July 11, the witness positively identified Lyter as the person "keying" the victim's car.

Surveillance video shows Lyter entering the Fish House on July 6, according to the arrest report.

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