Scott activates 3,000 additional Florida National Guard members to assist with Irma

Photo courtesy: Florida National Guard's official Twitter page 

In order to prepare for the potential impact of Hurricane Irma, Governor Rick Scott announced Thursday that he has activated an additional 3,000 members of the Florida Army and National Guard.

That figure includes the nearly 12,000 National Guard members already deployed.

The servicemen and women are going to help with planning, logistics, evacuations and other operations.

According to a press release from the governor's office, the entire National Guard -- 7,000 members -- will be deployed by Friday.

"We are expecting our state to have major impacts from Hurricane Irma and we are taking aggressive actions to make sure Florida is prepared," Scott said on Thursday. "Today we will have more than 4,000 total Florida National Guard members activated, with all remaining members ready to report for duty first thing tomorrow to assist with preparation efforts. These men and women are putting themselves in harm's way to save the lives of their fellow Floridians while many of their own families are evacuating. I am proud of their commitment to keeping our families safe."

This announcement comes on the heels of Scott's issuing of Executive Order 17-235, which declared a state of emergency in all 67 Florida counties.

The order also allowed for the immediate activation of National Guard members as preparedness actions continue.

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