Teen hospitalized for flesh-eating bacteria tested for Vibrio

(Photo: WPMI)

A 16-year-old has been hospitalized for what could be Mobile's fifth case of Vibrio vulnificus.

Matthew Collier was taken to the hospital early Saturday morning after a cut on the teen's hand began to blister and become painful.

Danielle Collier, Matthew’s mother, told Channel 3's sister station Local 15 she made sure to check the bacteria levels after seeing Mobile's other four cases. She said she believed it was safe.

Danielle said that doctors have not confirmed if it's the same flesh eating bacteria that has impacted four others, but tests have been taken.

"The doctor started him on some antibiotics," Danielle said. "His [Matthew's] doctor said he had seen it and treated it before, the flesh eating bacteria. They took a biopsy of it and we won't know if it's Vibrio until we get the results back."

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