Trump rally in Pensacola could help support Roy Moore

Trump rally in Pensacola could help support Roy Moore

President Donald Trump is endorsing Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

The president said he needs a Republican in the Alabama seat to help push through key parts of his agenda such as tax cuts and the border wall.

The announcement comes four days before President Trump is set to speak in Pensacola.

The president's visit is just 28 miles away from the Alabama border and four days before the Alabama Senate race.

President Trump sent out a tweet Monday morning and called to offer his support.

Political Science Professor Adam Cayton said President Donald Trump's visit to Pensacola this time could help push his agenda forward.

"It's pretty clear given the timing of his visit that this is essentially a campaign stop for Roy Moore, at least that is my take on it," said Cayton.

The endorsement comes after several women accused Moore of having inappropriate sexual relationships with them when they were younger.

The rally on Friday will be the fourth time the president has visited the Gulf Coast.

"Yes I'm going to it," said 85-year-old John Claude.

"I definitely will not be attending," added 29-year-old Lauren Volheim.

Claude said he already has his free ticket to hear the president speak on Friday.

"I think he picks the best and he supports the best. If they turn out wrong that's not his fault," said Claude.

Other Pensacola residents like Volheim said she can't support a president who contradicts their constituents.

"I am not supportive of the president's policies and I am definitely not supportive of Roy Moore in which I believe why he is coming to town," Volheim explained.

The president's visit comes days ahead of the special election for U.S. Senate where Roy Moore will face off with Doug Jones.

Clayton tells us the president is trying to strike a balance between Republican voters who support him, and those who don't support him.

"To the extent that it helps him keep a Senate seat and enthusiasm in the panhandle and southern Alabama, it would help the president, but to the extent that it ties him closely to a figure who is accused of some very disturbing crimes then it is not going to work in the president's favor and I guess we will have to see how public opinion plays out," said Cayton.

The president will speak at the Bay Center at 7 p.m. on Friday.

You can get your free tickets at or just click here.

The tickets are limited to two per person.

Congressman Matt Gaetz is expected to introduce Trump at the rally.

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