Vandals spray paint swastika symbols, racial slurs on homes

WEAR - Swastikas

Swastika symbols and racial slurs were spray painted on several homes and cars in Pensacola.

The Escambia County Sheriff's Office (ECSO) confirms this is the second time this week homes on Florelle Way have been targeted.

Neighbors believe crime has escalated over the past month.

"We first noticed that the mailbox was down. Then across the street, we looked over and my neighbor's three cars are painted," said Erin Elesperman. "This house has been done two days ago, and it's just getting worse. My other neighbor had tires slashed, and a guy just came down the street and said a house down the street has been tagged also. It's horrible and it needs to stop," Elesperman said.

ECSO is investigating the incidents. Deputies are asking if anyone in the area caught the criminals on surveillance video, please call Crime Stoppers.

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