VIDEO: Thief caught on camera stealing equipment from Escambia business

VIDEO: Thief caught on camera stealing equipment from Escambia business

The Baldwin County Sheriffs Office is processing a stolen camper at an RV park in Lillian, Alabama after an Escambia County business owner received a tip through social media that it was parked there.

Danny Alvare, the owner of Apps Waste, said someone stole nearly $40,000 worth of equipment from his business Thanksgiving morning. That includes a camper worth $25,000.

The owner said he is stunned because not only did the crook steal his tools, but his company truck, camper, and items inside another camper parked at the business.

"I've probably had somewhere in the neighborhood of $50,000 worth of merchandise from tools, equipment, you name it, stolen from right here at various times and hadn't recovered not one piece of any of it," said Alvare.

In less than a minute, security footage shows a thief breaking into Apps Waste off Pine Forest Road in Escambia County.

It's just after 3 a.m. Thanksgiving morning when the thief shows up on camera. The video then shows a man walking inside searching through the business.

Alvare said he didn't notice that his business was broken into and vehicles were missing until Friday morning. He said he filed a report with the Escambia County Sheriff's Office, but said that so far he hasn't heard anything back.

"I'm not the only guy that had ever gotten anything stolen that has not gotten any results. I promise that it is widespread. I don't know if they need more funding or if they need some more people in the investigations department, but before we got the prints lifted we were told they were way backed up and that it could take 30 to 45 days before they could ever have anybody to work it if the prints weren't in the system or weren't good enough to pick up on the automated system, so that is troubling because in 45 days if you had some things stolen that were worth anything to you they are going to be long gone."

The owner said his business has been broken into five times since he opened in 2006.

"We're going to get infrared cameras, we're going to place them all around. I'm going to get a hold of one of the local companies here to come out and install a system to combat that for the future," said Alvare.

Channel 3 reached out to the Escambia County Sheriffs Office, but did not hear back.

In the meantime, the Baldwin County Sheriffs Office said they will remove the camper from the RV park as evidence.

The name of the person who stole it is not being released.

The RV park owner in Lillian, Alabama said the man who stole the camper is his grandson.

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